The Learning Tank Innovation Company (LTIC) is a people and organizational development firm committed to working with front-line employees, managers, and executives to help organizations develop and maintain peak performance at every level.

We are a learning consulting firm poised to equip organizations with the skills for tomorrow’s workplace. We achieve this by deploying various digital, modern and traditional adaptable learning methods that ensure a culture of learning is instilled in an organization.

The organizations that will dominate tomorrow are not the big ones but those that commit to continuous learning and development that spurs its workforce towards continual innovation and creativity – persistent little drops… All of our programs are designed to strategically empower your workforce with relevant skills for the future workplace – which is now. It would trigger a new way of thinking, change behavior and improve performance.

From custom based learning programs to open learning sessions and our specialist training programs, we ensure that the solutions we provide for our clients achieve their objectives and create measurable results.


Continual Learning In order to stay at the forefront of our profession for the benefit of our clients, we provide educational avenues and opportunities for our associates that will encourage and support their professional and personal growth.

We are up-to-date with best practices in our industry and communicate this in the dynamic and bespoke solutions we provide to our clients.

Integrity – We believe that honesty and integrity are the foundation of all that we do. Our good reputation is non-negotiable. Our customer is our focus and the reason we go the extra mile to achieve results.

Quality – This is what we preach unwaveringly and we practice it. We consistently exceed industry standards regarding the quality of our work. We set the quality bar and have been referred to as the standard against which other firms are measured.


To be a leading talent development consulting firm committed to helping organizations develop and improve the capacity of their staff in reaching its organizational goals and objectives and sustaining its business advantage in the marketplace.


To make learning a culture by providing people development consulting services to businesses incorporating innovation, strategy and relevant analysis needed to enhance knowledge, skills and attitude relevant for the future workplace.