Woke up to this post by The Learning Tank Innovation Company – “Sometimes we Win; Sometimes we Learn”. It reminded me of an experience that further shaped my approach to losing.

In 2015, I made the shortlist of 50 women from over 300 applications received for the Tiffany Amber Women of Vision Mentoring Programme. That was probably my first shot at applying to a formal mentoring programme and I was excited – and it’s Tiffany Amber we are talking about here.

After the final interview at the launch event, the winners, final 10 women were announced, I didn’t make it – I wasn’t picked. I was devastated and heart broken. I literally broke down and cried right in front of @Folake Coker (#Tiffany Amber) and @Aisha Ahmad, the representative from Diamond Bank at the time – what a sight it was. In retrospect, that was a dumb thing to do.

Why did It hurt that much? I desperately needed that opportunity and I didn’t get it.

This was my first real encounter with rejection – well there have been others but I guess they didn’t matter to me as much as this did at the time.

I narrated my ordeal to a close friend he couldn’t match the tough, inspiring, optimistic girl he knew to the one who would breakdown and cry for not been picked on a mentoring programme… lol.

That was the last time I allowed anything get to me that hard. I have gone ahead to apply to accelerator hubs, mentoring programmes, contest at competitions etc. – I have won some and learnt from the rejections that came from others.

For the optimistic mind nothing as failure or loss only learning opportunities.

“Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn”

Linda is a Trainer, Conference Speaker and a Coach. She is the Managing Partner, Learning Tank Innovation Company – a people and organisational consulting firm